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Ruck & River ensures that every adventure is supported by dependable gear that includes timeless style and durability. Come with us and embrace the journey of the great outdoors with our exceptional products and unwavering commitment to quality.

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  • High quality gear

    You can tell how much time and care they put into designing their products. My new favorite outdoor supplier for sure.

    — Chaise
  • Trust these guys

    These guys have been with Battlbox for years and are who I trust with my survival gear. They never fail to impress me.

    — Robert
  • Gear that lasts

    Everything I have received from Ruck & River has gone above and beyond my expectations. Premium gear and reasonably priced!

    — Jeremy
  • Remember the name

    This brand is fairly new to me, but everything I have received so far has been incredible. That Ogeechee blade is freakin awesome.

    — Lucas